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Photo on the right: This glorious photo of California wildflowers was taken in the California Temblor Range, about 100 NW of our offices. According to the photographer, Frank Kees, the predominant flowers in the photo are Phacelia, Blazing Star and Tidy Tips.

What are the Necessities for Favorable Outcomes of Buffalo grass?

Buffalo grass is a beautiful, low-growing grass. This warm-season grass offers a rich green color that will enhance any area you consider growing it. One of the benefits of this type of grass is that it doesn’t require tons of maintenance. However, there are some things you must keep in mind to ensure it is […]

How Benefits of Fine Fescue Makes it Suitable for all kinds of lawns

If you are looking for a beautiful shade grass for your lawn, Fine Fescue should be at the top of the list. This type of grass has a fine texture and a gorgeous green color. It offers a large number of benefits that make it perfect for home lawns, parks, side of the roads, and […]

A Glance at Characteristics and Benefits of Kentucky Bluegrass

As you search for the best golf course grass seed, one option that should be at the top of your list is Kentucky Bluegrass. This type of grass is a favorite and for good reason. It offers countless benefits including a rich, lush appearance. As you consider this type of grass for your golf course, […]

The Best Time to Plant Wildflower Seeds

As with all things horticultural, the ideal planting time for wildflower seeds depends on weather conditions and geography. But more than temperature, it’s seasonal precipitation that should dictate your planting schedule. While it’s possible to plant wildflowers in both spring and fall in the U.S., regardless of the region, certain factors should be taken into […]

Why And Where Seashore Paspalum Should Be Used

Seashore paspalum is a turfgrass that is well-suited to coastal regions affected by salt and moisture. This hardy grass has a high tolerance for soils that are sandy and infertile. It can also withstand high salt concentrations, sodden conditions, and the odd deluge of seawater. Structurally, seashore paspalum seed also possesses several characteristics that make […]

How To Control Erosion On Hillside Using Grass Seeds

North America is home to a multitude of different grasses, and not only do they have aesthetic benefits, but when planted on a hillside, they are considered an excellent way to control erosion. As with any planting project, doing the groundwork and planning well in advance are essential to a successful outcome. There are many […]

Paspalum Grass Advantages: Why Should You Choose Paspalum?

Paspalum grass, otherwise known as saltgrass, thrives in a salt-tolerant, warm weathered area. This is why it’s often found in more coastal regions. All types of golf courses near large bodies of saltwater will tend to use this type of grass. It is one of the most adaptable turfgrass varieties available, which is why a […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Dichondra Ground Cover Maintenance

You don’t have to grow and care for a specific type of grass to have a beautiful green yard. Rather, you can choose to grow dichondra ground cover. This plant creates a green carpet and a unique texture to your landscaping. Dichondra is a plant that grows small circle leaves very close together. It doesn’t […]

Importance of aeration for golf courses

Golf course aeration is the annual practice of punching small holes into the turf. Aeration is meant to provide more room for grassroots to grow and keep the common Bermuda grass turf healthy. Golf course groundskeepers consider aeration a necessary practice for healthy turf. These holes allow fresh air to get underneath the green and […]

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