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Photo on the right: This glorious photo of California wildflowers was taken in the California Temblor Range, about 100 NW of our offices. According to the photographer, Frank Kees, the predominant flowers in the photo are Phacelia, Blazing Star and Tidy Tips.

Why Wildflower Seeds Are the Hottest Trend in the Landscaping Industry Right Now

In the vibrant world of landscaping, one captivating trend is taking root and blooming in all its glory: the increasing adoption of wildflowers. From homeowners and businesses to city planners, everyone seems to be embracing the wildflower mix‘s unique allure. So, what’s fueling this wildflower revolution? Here’s why we believe wildflower seeds are making waves […]

Unleash the Potential of Professional Seed Mixtures with Stover Seed’s Expertise

The beautiful splendor of nature can flourish right in your backyard, thanks to the power of professional seed mixtures. But, how do you choose the right blend, or better yet, the right seed company? By aligning yourself with experienced seed suppliers like Stover Seed, you can bring life to your home, business, or public spaces […]

How to Grow the Famous Medallion Sod with Premium Tall Fescue Blend

At Stover Seed, we take pride in fueling greener spaces around you. We understand the allure of a lush, verdant field and the serenity it can bring to any environment. Our expertise in providing the high-quality premium tall fescue seed is what creates the renowned Medallion sod. Let’s delve into the process of growing this […]

The Benefits of Kikuyu grass for Businesses – How to Grow and Use It for Maximum Results

If you’re a business owner interested in enhancing the visual appeal of your commercial space while also making an eco-friendly choice, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you – Kikuyu grass! This adaptable, fast-growing turfgrass is widely loved for its ability to thrive in diverse climatic conditions. Yet, the benefits of Kikuyu grass don’t […]

Achieving Successful Germination with Celestial Strong Fescue

Celestial Strong Fescue, also known as creeping red fescue seed, has made a significant impact in professional turfgrass management across North America. Appreciated for its tenacity, adaptability, and attractive visual appeal, this particular species of turfgrass forms an essential part of many golf courses, parks, and sports fields. However, the journey towards achieving a successful […]

How California Poppies Encourage Bee Activity

A key player in ecological balance and biodiversity, the California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) boasts more than just radiant hues of sunset orange. This dynamic flower serves a crucial role in the sustenance of pollinators, particularly bees. Not only do these poppies enhance landscapes, but they also contribute significantly to bee activity and survival. About the […]

Enhancing Biodiversity with Native Wildflower Varieties

Understanding biodiversity is key to appreciating the indispensable role native wildflowers play in our environment. As a professional park or golf course manager, you may already recognize the profound impact of planting the right kind of flora. But have you considered how introducing native wildflower seeds can elevate your grounds? Grasping Biodiversity and Its Importance […]

How Hydroseed Products Protect Hillsides from Erosion

Hillsides are a common landscape feature around North America and the world. As naturally beautiful as they are, these steep terrains are at a constant risk of erosion – a process that degrades the quality of soil and disrupts ecosystems. That’s where ourhillside erosion control products come into play, offering a sustainable and effective solution. […]

Hydroseeding a Cost-effective Erosion Prevention Practice

Soil erosion is one of the most prevalent problems when it comes to landscaping, especially if the area is uneven or hilly. Many people rely on erosion control grass seeds in order to avoid erosion. However, hydroseeding offers a much more cost-effective and qualitative alternative. The following blog discusses hydroseeding in much more detail. What […]

Why Are Certified Seeds Important for Top Yields?

Many farmers wonder if it is wise to use certified seeds instead of grain. But a lot of experimentation by seed companies in the USA proves that certified seeds are more useful when it comes to producing the best quality yields. The following blog discusses the importance of certified seeds in further detail. 1.  It […]

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