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Stover Seed / Golf Grass / Bentgrass: A Treat for Your Turf

Bentgrass: A Treat for Your Turf

Throughout the U.S., golf course superintendents are constantly searching for quality grass seed suppliers of Bentgrass seed to help them create the most durable, and supportive turf environment. As the premier golf course grass type, Bentgrass seed is considered ideal to play on providing the smoothest and most durable putting surface for all-year play.

According to players and golf course experts alike, Bentgrass offers far more playable days on the course than even Bermuda grass seed. This is because Bentgrass requires less sun than other types of golf course grass seed, and the course doesn’t need to be shut down for topdressing and cutting during peak play times.

A Strong and Reliable Golf Course Grass Seed

As turf grass seed goes, Bentgrass is frequently referred to as the ideal surface for course greens. It’s capable of withstanding a range of harsh temperatures, and short mowing heights. What’s more, this unique type of golf course grass seed creates a thick mat of carpet-like grass, which makes putting a breeze.

Though maintaining Bentgrass can be somewhat complex at times, it’s still regarded as the best alternative to Bermuda grass seed thanks to its performance and beautiful color. Additionally, many golf courses find that Bentgrass requires fewer pesticides and fertilizer, which supports their bottom line and benefits the environment.

Designing the Perfect Golf Course

Ultimately, if your focus is on increasing the playable days on your golf course, then it may be a good time to seek out wholesale grass seed suppliers who can offer both Bermuda and Bentgrass seed. Though each course will have its own specific factors determining which turf grass seeds should be used, Bentgrass is quickly emerging as one of the most popular turf grass seed solutions for golf courses – even in the hottest states.

According to surveys, many golf course superintendents believe that Bentgrass can provide the smoothest, most durable playing surface for golfers.

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