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Advantages of Transcontinental Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass is the standard turf grass used for most home-owner’s lawns, as well as in public parks and sports fields across the entire country. It has a lovely green color that instantly calls to mind a healthy lawn. Bermuda grass is an extremely resilient grass that tends to become even stronger over a long period of time. Grazing, fires, and flooding don’t seem to stop this grass from growing, but rather only increase its tolerance. Examining the advantages of Transcontinental Bermuda grass, a vigorous high-quality Bermuda grass cultivar known for its vivid deep green color and heat/cold tolerance, will help you better understand the strengths of this popular type of grass.


Transcontinental Bermuda grass is well-known for being extremely tough. Therefore, it is often employed in areas that experience a high volume of foot traffic, such as parks, sports fields, and golf courses. It is resilient under heavy use, and even if torn up in places, tends to recover quickly. The extensive, spreading root structure of this grass helps explain why this grass can adapt to and thrive in multiple growing conditions. With even one Transcontinental Bermuda grass seed, this grass can spread quickly along the ground, whether growing in standard soil, deep sand, or even heavy clay.

Easy to Grow

Transcontinental Bermuda grass is easily grown in shady areas and in warm climates. Its maintenance needs are low once established — including fertilization, and other types of care usually associated with turf grass. Well-known as highly drought-resistant, this grass requires minimal watering to survive – making it perfect for warm locations that don’t receive much rain.

It’s important to note that Transcontinental Bermuda grass lawn seed is highly economical compared to most other grass seeds, with a lower purchase cost. With all the benefits Transcontinental Bermuda grass offers, it’s an added advantage that it’s also less expensive than most other varieties of grass. When you also consider that Transcontinental thrives in most any soil, whether sand, clay, or standard dirt, Transcontinental Bermuda grass is an obvious choice when you are looking for a low maintenance, vigorous grass that can tolerate difficult conditions.

Heat Tolerant

Despite its name, Bermuda grass originates from India, a clue that it is adapted to even warmer climates than those found in most of the United States. Because it is was developed in an area of the world where horticulture has adapted to intense growing conditions, Transcontinental Bermuda grass is especially heat-tolerant compared to most other types of grass.

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Transcontinental Bermuda grass is one of the most resistant grasses on the planet. Its tough characteristics only make it easier to grow in the worst land and weather conditions. Transcontinental Bermuda grass is standard in most parks and sports fields because of its resilience to heavy foot traffic. Hot weather is no problem as this grass originated in India, making it adaptable to warm climates around the world and and across the country. It can also recover from weather wear and tear much easier than other grasses. By knowing these advantages, you will better understand Transcontinental Bermuda grass and what makes it thrive in even in the worst conditions.

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