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White Stem Pechay Bak Choy

White Stem Pechay Bak Choy

Cabbage Family, Mild Flavor, Many Uses

White Stem Pechay Bak Choy


Bok Choy is a nonheading form of Chinese cabbage and is a popular leafy vegetable. It is a cool season annual vegetable that grows best with short days and moderate to cool temperatures. It is popular in salads, stir fry and soups.

Seed Depth: .25-.5 in.
Row Spacing: 18-30 in.
Seed Spacing: 1-2 in.

Plant Spacing: 8 in.
Days to Sprout: 5-10
Days to Harvest: 45-60


Plant in late summer/fall for late fall/winter harvest or early spring for early summer harvest.

Seeding Rates

Thin when seedlings are 2-4 inches. Keep soil moist. Fertilize with a complete fertilizer during the growing season.


Cut entire plant above soil line. Remove outer leaves.

Quality Assurance

To prevent diseases rotate this crop to a different area of your garden each year.

Ingredients & Specifications

Good source of Vitamins A, C, and Calcium.

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