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Grey Zucchini Squash

Grey Zucchini Squash

Summer Type, Heavy Yield, Easy to Grow

Grey Zucchini Squash


Summer squash is a popular and prolific producer and grows on nonvining bushes. Zucchini squash in particular has many uses in salads and cooked dishes and freezes well. Grey Zucchini has a mottled grey fruit that is 4-6 inches in length.

Seed Depth: 1-2 in.
Row Spacing: 48 in.
Seed Spacing: 2 in.

Plant Spacing: 18 in.
Days to Sprout: 7-14
Days to Harvest: 45-55


Summer squash is a warm season vegetable. Plant in mid spring when soil warms.

Seeding Rates

Thin when plants are 2 inches high. Water deeply and regularly throughout the summer about 1 inch per week or more in hot areas. Mulch to discourage weeds and conserve moisture. Black plastic mulch is ideal for use on squash.


Harvest when fruit is immature, about 6-8 inches long.

Quality Assurance

For a real treat pick some open blossoms, dip in a batter and deep fry.

Ingredients & Specifications

Low in fat and carbohydrate. Source of Vitamin C, Potassium and Magnesium.

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