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Connecticut Field Pumpkins

Connecticut Field Pumpkins

Halloween Type, Good For Carving, High in Vitamin A

Connecticut Field Pumpkins


Pumpkins and Squash originated in Mexico and Central America and were first used in North America by the Indians. Pumpkins, which are related to squash, need a long warm season to develop. Connecticut Field is a large size that can also be used for cooking.

Seed Depth: 1 in.
Row Spacing: 72 in.
Seed Spacing: 3 in.

Plant Spacing: 36 in.
Days to Sprout: 7-14
Days to Harvest: 100-120


Pumpkins are a warm season plant and seed should be planted in warm soil in mid to late spring.

Seeding Rates

Thin when plants are 2 inches high. Mulch regularly to keep weeds down and retain moisture. Fertilize twice during the growing season with 5-10-10 or equivalent fertilizer. Water regularly but deeply.


Do not handle green pumpkins more than necessary as they bruise easily. Harvest when the vine dies.

Quality Assurance

To monogram a pumpkin, scratch a name into the fruit before the shell hardens (late August-early September). The inscription will harden over and become more distinguishable as the pumpkin matures.

Ingredients & Specifications

Very high in Vitamin A, low in sodium.

Download PDFClick Here for Growing Guide and Additional Tips

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