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4 Different Types of Grass For Golf Courses That Can Withstand Heavy Traffic

Grass for golf courses is commonly referred to as turf grass. The grass used in golf courses needs to be strong to withstand the tough conditions and the harsh weather changes it’s exposed to. Different climates and purposes need different types of golf course grass.

Maintaining golf course grass can be made easy with the right turf grass. Assessing the weather conditions, frequency of replacement, and cost of maintenance can help select the ideal grass for a golf course. Making the turfgrass management process as smooth as possible will make the golf experience more fun for the players. This article talks about all the different types of grass that can be used on different golf courses, when they are used, and how they benefit the course.


For hot weather conditions, Bermuda grass is the go-to golf course grass. Bermuda has a high heat tolerance and can be mowed very low without damaging the grass. The grass can withstand dry spells and may not require frequent maintenance. In regions where the weather is mostly hot throughout the year, using Bermuda grass is the best option.

However, Bermuda grass can be a problem in the colder months of the year, all while dealing with the increased weight of traffic during these months. Tees and fairways at Augusta National use the Bermuda grass turf.


Bentgrass is found in coastal California, the Midwest, and the Mid-Atlantic. It is common on golf courses located in colder or coastal areas. The grass belongs to the Poa family and is known as one of the best grass turfs that can withstand vehicles often used in colder regions.

Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial ryegrass is one of the most sought-after grass turfs in the cooler summer regions. The low maintenance and hardiness make it a durable option for large golf courses, which require more maintenance. Perennial ryegrass is a type of golf course grass that has natural pest control built into it.

Perennial ryegrass is also used on fairways and tee boxes found on some of the famous California golf courses. It’s an ideal grass type as it can be used to overseed Bermuda grass. Unlike other grasses, this type is thicker and needs to be rooted deeply to get the best out of it.


When looking for a type of grass that can survive a range of weather conditions, Zoysia is where the search process stops. It’s found all over the country and is one of the famous types of grass in California. Zoysia also comes from the Poa family. Its strength comes from being deep-rooted and clumped together. Zoysia is also a treat for the eyes due to its ability to keep its color for a long time.


As shown in this article, the weather is an important factor influencing the type of grass that can be planted on the golf course and its ability to work under pressure from vehicles during peak times. Any mismatch between the golf course’s geographical location and the type of grass selected will result in a waste of resources. Visit Stover Seed to learn about the different grasses and their seeds.

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