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Environ-Guar Organic Binder
Organic Binder


Environ-Guar additive is a food grade, hydrolyzed Guar powder. Environ-Guar is used as a cost effective binding agent and lubricant during the hydromulching process. It has been shown to assist in the even dispersal of fiber mulch and other materials contained in slurry mixes, has water holding capacities and has superior tacking capabilities. 100% Organic, biodegradable, plant derivative. Non-toxic to plants or animals. Will not contaminate water sources such as streams, lakes or ground water supplies. Product creates a slick surface, use care to avoid slipping.


Active Ingredient:
% Protein Content
% Settleable Solids
1% Solution pH

100% Guar Gum Powder


Environ-Guar may be applied in a wet slurry to either wet or dry, solid surfaces. Product life is up to one year. Environ-Guar re-solidifies after wetting. No curing/drying time is necessary for the products effectiveness to begin.

• Erosion Control • Dust Control • Binding Agent • Seeding Applications

Seeding Rates

40 to 160 pounds per acre depending on degree of slope.

Prepare the slurry by mixing seed, mulch, fertilizer, Environ-Guar and water in the hydroseeding machine tank by the amounts specified. Add all materials slowly and mix thoroughly. Clean up any spills immediately as product creates a slippery surface.


50 lb. heavy duty paper bags.
Palletized at 40 bags/pallet (2,000 lb.)

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